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Thanks for coming to my website, I appreciate your visit!

I first heard the call to teach in the second grade. I feel deeply grateful for the opportunities my education afforded me and the exceptional people who helped me along the way. Those beacons gave me a sense of direction and the confidence to move forward even when I feared I couldn’t; I continue to be inspired by them as I try to show those coming after me the same kind of devotion.

I have been a teacher for 19 years, something I adore beyond belief that often exhausts me beyond repair. To rejuvenate I like to spend time by myself writing in the quiet of my (potentially) lovely home office, not an easy feat when a person lives with a husband, two sons, two dogs, two cats, three fish, and three hermit crabs. I tell you, sometimes I wish I could join those crabs in the sanctity of their shells, but I am charged with another path. To ensure I stay on that path God gave me an adorable and maddening husband who pushes me out of all kinds of doors, proverbial and literal, and I hate him for it. I also love him for it. Our children are our greatest blessings, and my greatest teachers.

At our best, we’re all teachers. I know my students, colleagues, family, and friends teach me something every day. The same can be said for the wind, the flowers, the birds, and the waves of the ocean. If we pay attention, lessons are everywhere. The greatest teachers I have are often the ones I want around the least–which is my sign that their lessons are the most important for me to hear. Don’t you hate that?

I’m so glad you’re here. I hope you explore widely and visit often. This is my online home and, because of the good Italian girl I am, that means it’s your home too. For those of you who are not lucky enough to have been raised in an Italian-American home, the rule is we welcome you once and then you’re family.

Welcome. Now, you are in charge of getting what you want from the kitchen. Unless, of course, I feel like you need something you don’t yet realize. After all, Italian women are born and bred to take care of you whether you like it or not (something my feminist husband can barely tolerate but my children find quite delightful).

I wear my love on my sleeve, and on my face, and on my blog. I can’t help myself, vulnerability seems to be how I roll. Sometimes that fact causes me grief but I find it worth the risk because, more often than not, it allows me to recognize the vulnerability in others. When we see it in each other, those are holy moments indeed.

Writer. Mother. Teacher. Wildflower. I believe that my primary purpose is to live and work with integrity, authenticity, and grace. By doing so, I hope others feel free to do the same.